Could Solar Storms Destroy Civilization? Solar Flares & Coronal Mass Ejections

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The sun. Smooth and round and peaceful. Except when it suddenly vomits radiation and plasma in random directions. These solar flares and coronal mass ejections, or CMEs can hit earth and have serious consequences for humanity.

How exactly do they work, how bad could they be and can we prepare for them?

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      Stupid science Science doesn't know Positron + and electron -- rotate very rapidly after 4, 6 billion years of creating the Sun ' s core, so the core of the Sun rotates very quickly like A super large electric turbine that produces super large electrical energy Every second the Sun emits 4,1million tons of electricity, the emitted solar magnetic field flies in A circte back to the starting point after 8 hours, so prompted 8 planets to rotate in order

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      Stupid science Science doesn't know Every second the Sun ' s core sucks 1460 tons of electricity in the Earth ' s core creating tides on Earth

  2. ChinchillaIsGod
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    With all the interest and investments governments are making at reducing/preparing for climate change and the next global pandemic, preparing for this should be an absolute top priority. Technology and the modern world will still continue with a pandemic and with climate change, but it won't with a CME. Another preparation we should make is asteroid/meteor defense systems. NASA should put all the research they can in finding out if it is possible to deflect or shift the trajectory of a meteor if it were to hit earth. If the Tunguska Event were to recur today, It is likely (unless it were to impact the oceans) millions of people would die.

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    This channel just makes me really grateful for our atmosphere

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    some random dude I guess
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    2:50 why is there a house floating around using just balloons

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    "We won't know for sure until a big solar hurricane hits us" he's so chill about it lol

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    Hey! What a coincidence! I'm seeing your cool vid about solar storms on the exact same date! As well as the recent solar storm that happened a few days ago in May 2021!!!

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    Can you make some videos about what is the flat earth,convex earth, hollowed earth, concaved earth and donut shaped earth and how to prove that the earth is spherical

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    Our sun goes micronova or releases an extreme solar outburst that will surely wipe out civilization.

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    It could only destroy civilization if God chose it too. God has put it in the hands of man to destroy civilization by letting them make the Nuclear Weapons, which they will destroy each other in the last day. Only those who calls upon the name of the Lord Christ, shall be saved from it. "Hint" Jesus is not the Christ, but Jesus is God Almighty. The one who is called Jesus Christ" he Is King in the world forever. And he is the one who was slain to death from walking upon the earth. And now his body is laying in a tomb in the place that was preserved for him to be laid where no other man had ever been laid before and had a stone covering placed at the face of his tomb. And this is where he shall be until the last day when Jesus the Father comes down and raise him back up to life again and seat him on the throne at his right hand side. Christ our Lord and King; shall be the first of the resurrection, and then all those who died in him, in his struggle on earth for righteousness and justice and equality for all of his peoples. The Lord is King: Revelation 19:16.

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    I actually have a survival plan with my friend group in case this sort of event really happens.

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    please stop with the automatic translations of video titles. They are not correct and just weird.

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    Recent (May 25-26, 2021) CME hit the Australian state of Queensland head on. A major power station had a explosion and fire. (Callide power station) Dopey mainstream media in Australia have not realised this. Yet.

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    2021 today

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    We will buy one of them to end the world., So its coming soon! Can Elon Musk do it? Krishna supposedly have A Chakra like this. So as they say ' a comet fell over evil men and destroyed them all'.

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    the recruit564
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    So just wanna say thanks this has been on my mind for a few weeks and the thing has been freaking me out about how we are gunna cope finally finding someone who can tell me that there is preventative matters in place and more than likely going to be alright after it is just a huge relief. Love the videos and thanks for the peace of mind

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    When a cme hits the earth, every non vaccinated melanated being will awaken ancient genetic evolutionary protocols and our human genome will mutate to adapt to the new solar climate. Electromagnetism will course through our bodies and harness the new universal update

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    Kurzgesagt: the sun catapults billions of tons of Mega Radiation at us at the speed of light Me: Oh SHIT we are gonna DIEEEE Kurzgesagt: And when it hits us.. Me: robs a bank to buy a rocketship Kurzgesagt: NOTHING HAPPENS! Me: OML I WASTED SO MUCH MONEY ON NOTHING!

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    You're trying to do two things at once; entertain using the, and educate on solar flares. You're catering to the addicted. Your unecessary mood music is interfering, so disrupting and Irritating.

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      Geez gramps, I'll turn it down.

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    Who’s watching this due to the incoming flares on May 26th during the Super blood moon?

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    Oh Yeah Yeah
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    Yeah I don’t think it’ll end out civilization mainly bc there’s civilization out there that dosent rely on technology at all

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    Huh. All we need is this to happen, and there you go, Solar Flares. And a Pandemic. Now all we need is an international government with a bigass maze. (Cheers to whoever gets that)

  81. Jonathan Adamson
    Jonathan Adamson
    19 päeva tagasi

    Please don’t downplay this Kurzgesagt, we appreciate the optimism, but let’s be real. We know humanity is lazy and isn’t going to be prepared for something like this. The wealthy elite are the only ones who will truly have a chance at surviving this. Not only that, but humanities electrical grid, even IF we turn it off can still get fried by a CME. Not only that m, but most people would be dead after this within just TWO. WEEKS. Let that sink in for moment. Even preppers would be likely to perish as a result of this. No one is or probably ever will be prepared for this, to be nice about it, we as a species are lazy and to be frank, that laziness will be our demise. Just go watch “a catastrophic blackout is coming” if you have question or don’t believe me. Please note, I’m not trying to be an ass, but people NEED to hear this so that might actually have a sliver of hope in the coming future. Please be well out there fellow humans! 😉

  82. inoebene
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    Reminds me of the movie "knowing"

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    4:24 That makes me think of tranzit God that map was horrendous

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    So if one of those Super Solar Storms reach Earth it appears everything created after a Locomotive Train will become inoperable. Billions will die in the aftermath as it would take a decade or more to rebuild (restart) our power grids.

    1. TheLifeOnHigh
      16 päeva tagasi

      @necro YT Farmers and food processing depends on machines. Machines depend on electricity. And it’s not just electric, anything made after a Steam Engine will become inoperable.

    2. necro YT
      necro YT
      16 päeva tagasi

      Hold up how would billions die due to electrical systems dying?.

  88. Robert Bench
    Robert Bench
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    Joseph Stalin Biden Communist Sniff Lord
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