How Large Can a Bacteria get? Life & Size 3

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      I really like your video content 🇰🇭

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      Hi Jana

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      I think i watched every vid from this channel

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      kurzgesagt had only 1M subs when I found them

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      You draw mitochondrias in bacterias!! They don't have those

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    yotoball I4
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    That's some national geographic for kids kinda stuff... amazing

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    secret unknown
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    The largest cell in the world is ostrich egg

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    Thank you know I have to forcefully breathe

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    Phew, we are save from bacteria! They won't eat us.

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    This video told me tiny thing about the lungs, but what it told cleared up all the doubts that I had untill now. Thanks

  7. Veyron Darren
    Veyron Darren
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    5:44 Life avoided that problem by forming multicellular organisms. Bhut why? Why do life wants us to be better and modified? Why do nature wants life to form, survive and improve? Why do the nature wants life to exist, that it is helping it?

  8. Vikas S
    Vikas S
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    Like 1billion years ago single cell beings existed they formed groups to become multicellular now we will get together in an another billion years and form a new type of living and move through ocean of the universe

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    Orange janitor birb: *im so done*

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    I watched this to feel smart and I understood maybe 2 words

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    4:50 One of the most feared bacteria

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    thank you Kurzgesagt. this helped alot

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    So, how to do diffusion?

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    If you think you are not cool YOU ARE A FRICKIN CELL MEGAZORD

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    WAIT...... Am I considered and animal? Can someone answer this question?

    1. Fallen Down
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      Yes, duh. What did you think you were? Your speices reproduce by giving birth and feeds their babies with milk like all other memmals do

    2. Yiğithan Kılınç
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      Yes, humans are biologically considered apes

  18. j2157
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    Is diffusion an example of entropy?

  19. at SpydrXIII on Twitter
    at SpydrXIII on Twitter
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    3:36 flatworm mouths aren't up there on the head. a planarian's pharynx and mouth are in the middle and the underside. also the caterpillar you've drawn has only pseudopods and no actual legs.

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    who breath during the video?

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    In N out

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    science is so much more fun without stacks of assignments and tests linked to them.

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    so size does matter (edit, just removing the question mark)

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    Kurzgesagt > School

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    Me after seeing a gigantic bean: so, can we cook it?

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    My science in school is no match for your superior channel. Thank you for existing

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    Kurzgesagt - in a click bait

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    So... how big the bacteria can get? There was no answer in there. I know WHY i do want to know how big!

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    These videos should be a TV show.

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    This channel smuggles knowledge into your brain without ur knowledge.. Comes free with Lovely birbs! :3

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    This guy makes learning fun

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    "So at the very beginning LIFE needed to find a way to get good things in and bad things out" "So LIFE avoided this problem by forming a multicellular structures" "LIFE solved the diffusion problem by having holes and caves and tunnels and by folding in on itself" This is a design..Life is a design and it can't have started and developed on it's on..and for each and every design to exist there must be a's sad to see people be arrogant and never believe no matter how many evidence they find on his existence..

    1. Fallen Down
      Fallen Down
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      Sorry man but NATURAL SELECTION 😎 Science does not require magical father in the sky or all those bullsh*t stories to explain human existance and can be understand and explored with scientific methot. But hey if you like the story abouth a men turning water to wine, thats fine but keep your stories to yourself.

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    You say life and size, I see the evolution.

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    So, what you are telling me is that size matters? :(

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    This is the only channel with good quality

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    Here’s a question only you could answer, what would it take for humans to grow gills or wings or even tails

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    netflix: are you still watching? me and someone’s daughter: 0:00

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    by the way, the singular of "bacteria" is "bacterium".

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    Me when I clicked this video: How Large can a bacteria get? Me after watching this video: Nice knowing about how a cells work but, how large can a bacteria get?

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    Please Turkish subtitles!!!

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      It has Turkish subtitles now :D

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    Learnd me stuff

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    i just found out about this channels shop, mum, i know what i want for my birthday now...

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    Theists: "REEEEEE"

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      @Fallen Down thanks mate, everyone should be open to learning opposing views and deciding for themselves whether its true or not. in my case I've spent months listening to Dawkins, Lennox, William Craig etc and come to realise where my beliefs lie.

    2. Fallen Down
      Fallen Down
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      @Joxar i like those kinds of theists.

    3. Joxar
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      I'm a theist, and I'm quite ok with people expressing their views on how the universe works. stop stirring trouble mate

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    "In and out" gave me prison nostalgia

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    In and out, in and out... reminds me of the time I..... 😅😐

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    So, the bigger my chicken nuggets are, the more actual. Hicken it has

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    7:23, wow, it's like an four stroke engine working mechanism, isn't it?

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    It's wonderful the design of God

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      Dude this video literaly has strong nihilism inside and you are saying god. So hilarious

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    100,000km of Capillarys?! What the...

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    And I thought size doesn’t matter

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    Thumbnail and title: how big can bacteria be Video: so that’s why you have blood vessels

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    5:12 giant bacterium: I feel empty. Me too, buddy

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    1:00 What's the problem with the spider? Elephant doesn't care about water surface tension, and flies can't break surface tension. Why is the spider stuck?

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    "A bacteria"? Why are you using "a" with plural? Do you also say "How fast can a cars go?" It's either "can a car go" or "can cars go". "Can a cars go" is incorrect as well as "can car go". You either say "How large can bacteria get" or "How large can a bacterium get". Elementary school stuff. No plural with the indefinite article "a".

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    So, size does matters?

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    Does diffusion also apply to intestines? Like, do nutrients get into the blood due to diffusion?

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    Ahhhh. Why were water molecules depicted floating in something that looked like water, the entire space occupied by the water is water molecules

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    exept sugar does not difuze for ever it settle in some time...... so no difuzion isnt free energi you actuali NEEED ENERGI for DIFUZION TO EXIST.......