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    Fuck 'us'. We're horrible.

  2. Leon Maliniak
    Leon Maliniak
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    LOGICAL ARGUMENTS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF A CREATOR GOD For those of you struggling with the concept of the existence of a CREATOR GOD and who do not want it rammed down your throat with the BLIND FAITH approach of religious fanatics, perhaps this logical line of reasoning will help you make a more informed decision…one not based solely on blind faith alone but based also on the FACTS and the evidence that we do SEE. Speaking as a TRIAL LAWYER of thirty years and accustomed to always relying upon the BEST EVIDENCE, and speaking as an experienced ALT medicine researcher, I have studied the arguments for and against the existence of a CREATOR GOD for many years and from the perspective of various scientific disciplines. There will still be some element of BLIND FAITH involved but this opinion is also based on INCONTROVERTIBLE, UNDENIABLE and IRREFUTABLE FACTS. HERE IS WHAT I MEAN I have examined the EVIDENCE of the complexity of our magnificent DESIGN OF LIFE, and I see a machine with unlimited capacity for self repair and maintenance and with numerous back-up and FAIL SAFE systems. Our design of life has a HARD DRIVE, a set of detailed programs called DNA and a built in factory which can manufacture materials that we need from scratch. The “ evolutionists “ want me to believe that this just developed by itself? Are they kidding? Instead, based on my observations, and borrowing an expression from my thirty years as a trial lawyer, I came to the conclusion that; From the PREPONDERANCE OF PROOF and on the BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES, it is much more LOGICAL to conclude that our DESIGN OF LIFE is the work of a CREATOR GOD or an INTELLIGENT DESIGNER and the product of an INTENTIONAL design rather than just the result of RANDOM chance and the mere passage of time. For example, when you examine our INNATE IMMUNE SYSTEM, one of TWO such systems that we have, the other being the ADAPTIVE immune system, you learn that it takes on average twenty (20) separate and distinct chronological chemical steps, executed in perfect SEQUENCE, to illicit even one immune response. If a major system, like the LYMPH system fails to eliminate lymph fluid in its normal way, it is backed up by a hidden fail-safe system which we are not even aware of and which will kick in and allows LYMPH to excrete through the skin. Recently we discovered another program hidden in our DNA which we were unaware of whereby the body cleanses itself of pathogens and even cancer cells when we go through an extended FAST. This has been dubbed AUTOPHAGY, has won a NOBEL prize for its discoverer, and it raises the prospect that there are other such wonderful programs hidden in our machine which GOD has installed into our hard drive and software which only come into play in emergency and special circumstances and which we have yet to discover. This to me confirms the GOD given origins of this prescription in the BIBLE because there is no way our primitive ancestors would have known about this " program". Even more recently the researchers at Cardiff University in Whales discovered the existence of what could be a UNIVERSAL marker they called MR-1 which can identify any and all cancer cells in the body no matter which kind they are and an existing killer T-cell which reacts to it… something I have intuitively known had to be part of GOD'S great and complex design and which it was only a matter of time till we discovered it. This system must be working perfectly most of the time otherwise everyone would develop cancer all the time since our environment is so poisoned. We just have to now figure out why in some cases its normal efficiency is interfered with. Just look at an anatomy chart of the structure of our MUSCULAR system. You have multiple over-lapping layers of muscles criss-crossing at different levels and at different angles, each pulling in different directions and having a specific action and a role in movement. I want some evolution theorists to explain how the SUPRA-SPINATUS muscle developed according to the principles of conventional “ evolution theory” and its improvement by inherited MUTATION explanation…it is sheer and utter NONSENSE. It makes no sense that such a complex DESIGN OF LIFE is merely the result of RANDOM CHANCE. If you said this about any other manifestly magnificent design structure like an automobile… you would be called BRAIN DEAD. The evolutionists THEORY, which is still an UN-PROVEN theory, is as ridiculous as the argument that if you put a bunch of monkeys in a room with typewriters long enough then eventually, over a long enough period of time they would produce the complete works of SHAKESPEARE ! What do the “evolution” theorists want us to believe? That a bolt of lightening hit a pile of doo-doo four billion years ago…and BINGO…here we are? This is patent NONSENSE and violates plain COMMON SENSE. The MAIN arguments in the theory of EVOLUTION are so fragile that they can be dismissed with numerous arguments but this following simple argument is more than enough; If EVOLUTION alone explains our existence then how come APES are still swinging in the trees? There is no valid or convincing answer for this FLAGRANT CONTRADICTION within that “ theory ”. Saying that we “ split “ off from a common ancestor would still not explain why the other ape line did not build skyscrapers before we did. As President Johnson once said; “ You cannot SUCK and BLOW at the same time”. Either we ‘ evolved’ from the more primitive APES or we did not. The fact that APES still exist or that they did not build skyscrapers before we did…cannot be explained by this theory. There are MANY, many more caveats and exceptions pitched by this unfounded theory of evolution but this is enough by itself to discredit it. Finally, we are no longer primitive camel drivers or sheep herders and we can accept the possibility and probability that the CREATOR GOD is an actual, real and physical being in whose “ image we were made “, as it says, and not just some imaginary, intangible or mystical entity. GOD’S GREAT DESIGN OF LIFE SHOULD NOT BE INTERFERED WITH One of the main consequences of this perspective about the origins of our design of life being the work of a CREATOR GOD or INTELLIGENT DESIGNER is that mankind should reconsider the way the mainstream medical community deals with catastrophic illnesses and cancer and the constantly newly emerging pathogens like the COVID-19 virus which has baffled the medical community and paralysed the entire planet. The obsession with toxic drugs, burning radiation and slashing surgery is a flagrant and INEFFECTIVE failure. We should consider looking for a new and paradigm shift in the way we deal with these diseases and try to explore new ALTERNATIVE sciences which do not interfere with some of the very elements of this design of life that GOD gave us to protect us and eventually just provide it with a little help it needs to work at its optimal potential. It is mankind’s divine duty and privilege to try to find better ways to deal with these illnesses and cancer and pathogens, like these new viruses, and stop what I call the WANTON SLAUGHTER of so many of GOD’s children of all ages where millions of people die every year because of the current primitive state of knowledge about this design and methods which interfere with some of the very components of it which GOD gave us to protect us which should be an embarrassment to our medical community. One such non-intrusive and non-toxic ALT science is that of DR. RAYMOND ROYAL RIFE who back in the 1930’s cured many diseases and killed numerous pathogens and viruses using only RADIO FREQUENCY to destroy them. His methods were proven so obviously effective in a controlled clinical trial at USC in 1934 where he cured 16 out of 16 terminally ill patients, 14 with Cancer and 2 with Tuberculosis, that the A.M.A tried to buy shares in his company. When RIFE refused, the A.M.A. banned his method, and prosecuted doctors using it. Unlike other wild and unproven “ conspiracy “ theories about suppressed secret CURES, these groups ended up in a COURT battle where all of this evidence is a matter of public record. Efforts to revive the science of RIFE and his methods have failed to date because they have not EXACTLY duplicated his ORIGINAL work and have not used his original killer frequencies nor the other elements of his treatment protocol. This is what we should be exploring along with various forms of OXYGEN therapy, WHICH have also been proven effective. I hope that these arguments help some of you to finally resolve this issue and to accept the LOGICAL conclusion of the existence of a CREATOR GOD…and if so, then welcome to the team !

  3. Michael Cabrera
    Michael Cabrera
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    put me in a vit plz

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    Die today I hate life and humans

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    A special group of the World Population is growing and they want War! 0:20

  6. TitanNish Art
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    If you see the way Rudy is acting in the comments. He thinks people actually think he is me. And he thinks he's the superhero trying to save the world. . Really he's just being a clown giving free entertainment to 6-10 people. And a minor inconvenience to 1 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡

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    Is reality not what your mind makes it 😄

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    That bill gates bit at the end was funny as hell

  9. Darth Vader
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    Of all the things to worry about this is up there with the stupid ones

  10. Reptilian Exotics
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    Me after realizing the he made this video.😯

  11. Laizi Nemui
    Laizi Nemui
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    Why do I doubt the existence of black holes? Whatever. Your art and animations are beautiful and easy on the eyes

  12. TԋҽCσριҽԃVιɾυʂ
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    If everything is meaningless, why don’t I live experiencing new meaningless things everyday? That’s how I view life.

  13. yishin
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    For those who wonders - kurzgesagt means "in nutshell"

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  15. Harley Williams
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    Everyone in here talking about Steven universe like they don’t know what jimmy neutron is 😂

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    That kinda reminds me of the Steven universe machine to make gems lol

  17. cheese mouse • 12 years ago
    cheese mouse • 12 years ago
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    Welcome to kurzgesagt where he makes jupiter and Saturn have people

  18. Charles Himes
    Charles Himes
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    NOT A WORD OR EVEN A QUESTION ABOUT OUR CREATOR OR OUR PURPOSE IN "BEING". These "scientists" almost always avoid the only reason that science exists in the first place. Every one of the "assumptions" offered in this video can be compared to the wisdom of a flea on a dog's back and even that not favorably. The flea knows what it is, and these "scientists" not even that. The amazing gift of free will granted to humankind is not even on their radar for study. Why are we different with this ability than other living things? How many of these "learned ones" have even put in a limited study of Torah even as an aid to their scientific inquiries? A through examination combined with a TRUE scientific honesty should reveal to them that the wisdom found in this "book" could only have come from ONE who is beyond space, time, or science as they presently understand it. Only arrogance and willful ignorance can account for this blindness in science today and this video illustrates this point clearly. It is not my intention to demean or embarrass these pillars of the present scientific community but instead to remind them of what they have instinctively known in their souls since before birth. I ask them not to deny their birthright and begin to conduct REAL science which takes into account all aspects of creation. Combining the science they have already discovered with that of the Holy Wisdom of the Torah. If they but chart this course, they will make amazing discoveries that will astound us all. The first step to this is just a bit of humility. Take all that you have listened to from your "professors" and throw out all the excess trash. The only true wisdom comes from the ONE. This by a Ben Noach. Shalom.

  19. Michael B
    Michael B
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    Nah, the most deadly creature in all of existence has always been and will always be "quick sand."

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    5:25 Omg very bad Im aahh well little loneless ☹️ and... I don't want to be like this it's terrible 😱

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    eğer biz karadelikte olduğumuzu anlamıyorsak ve evren sürekli büyüyorsa biz şu anda bir karadelikte olabiliriz ve evrenin büyümesine yol açan tanımlayamadığımız karanlık enerjide aslında karadeliğin yuttuğu şeylerden aldığı enerji olabilir ayrıca evrenin büyümesi git gide hızlanıyorsa bu da karadeliğin yüzey alanının artması ve böylelikle daha çok maddeyi aynı anda yutmasına ve bu döngüyle sürekli olarak artmasına sebep oluyor olabilir

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    well if we invent time travel we can go back to when all the galaxies are in reach. Border much

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    6:46 Bill gates want to inject skynet nanobots in your body.😂🤣😭

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    long story short dont turn earth into gold XD

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    Mmmmmmmm scinceeeeeeee

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    Do we want to save millions of lifes? Nevertheless, cool video

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    I'm frenche thank you for sous-titres est merci pour les vidéo

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    So basically as ur channel's name is " in a nutshell" ur giving a simple message that : Life is precious and enjoy every moment very delighted and with happines and without having any regrets and don't forget about ur loved ones in ur life - the only true one ur parents and live like it's ur last day today.

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    Sounds like a good game ngl

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    You missed a point. Without nuclear weapons, there would be more war than in the past 50 years. Probably many between major powers which can escalate into WW3 and even more people would die. Before we could find a solution to that, nuclear weapons will still prevail as a strategic threat to prevent great scale of wars between major powers. And , yes, though scary, having them is in general better than not having them in the current world.

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    The earth is wayyyy to big, and space is much bigger. It won't be a problem until we launch enough to block the fuckin sun

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    am i weird for thinking this will be beautiful . I mean this just proves that we have no power over this at all .

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    Start climatechange

  35. João Paulo Brito
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    Hello @kurtzgesagt, do you have any sources you used to write this script with that you could share with us?

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    is this dude only gonna be in this video? doesn’t feel authentic Kurzgesagt

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    Usa. China. And russia will rule over time. Eu is a massive mess. Voting 🗳 is a shame in every country. We saw even in 🇺🇸 usa

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    This isn't about conspiracies, but it's funny how Sarkeesian is in there. You know, sleeping with the people who's game you review and the independence of journalists (gamergate), which has nothing to do with conspiracies, isn't really an issue for the kurzgesagt shitheads.

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    Here’s a video idea: can you boil the whole ocean using a single heat source like a kettle

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    5:11 this is the reason why no pokemon is alive now.

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    “Vaccines can have side effects” Susan Skeptical: That all I needed to hear. *Radiating smugness*

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    What's the 3 deadliest

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    This is stupid animated video that lies and proves nothing! Bacteriophages are our friend and was used before antibiotics! Bacteriophages VS antibiotics! Use BACTERIOPHAGES!

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    Frozen 2: WATER REMEMBERS!!!! Homeopathy: I’ve been saying that for _years_ !

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  58. Filip T
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    People used bacteriophages to fight bacteria and viruses! Than came antibiotics pharma shit! Use spring water with bacteriophages to cure yourself, not plastic bottle one!

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    Ouch, that hurt me right in the feels

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    When last star dies, then entropy of the system decreases or increases ?

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    U know what? I got bitten by a red ant before. It looks like a Argentine ant And i was thinking.................. i am watching a genius scientist's Documentary video. U can hypnotize me lol And............................. One ant dies: Sad One *COLONY* dies: yay Me: Lol I kill ants everyday and i dont feel sad

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    Thanks for reminding me of how vulnerable i am to death.

  64. E.F. Maokun
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    They said that the Tōhoku (Japan) earthquake on Friday 11 March 2011 (that caused the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster) moved Honshu (the main island of Japan) 2.4 m (8 ft) east, shifted the Earth on its axis by estimates of between 10 cm (4 in) and 25 cm (10 in), increased earth's rotational speed by 1.8 µs per day. So maybe this bomb may not cause the same amount of damage but i wouldn't exclude that the damage would be small.

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    I have the answer, from now on all milk just comes straight from womens tittys, since we were made to be able to drink it, there should only be positive health affects

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